In the midst of the pressures and chaos of modern day living, together let’s create an opportunity to…

Acknowledge – do you feel like you are thriving? Or do you feel that something needs to change? Do you know what that ‘something’ is? Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin. Paying attention, listening in and acknowledging where you are is the first important step for you to take.

Initial consultation – you acknowledge, we listen.

We listen with care and compassion to understand you, as you tell your story. We listen with our ears, our hands, our hearts, our minds and our machines!

You are the core and we are over 60 years of combined professional expertise, experience and ‘knowhow’ in across multiple fields of practice, including the private sector, NHS, Mental Health, Physical Health. You are in excellent hands for a unique and comprehensive service built of the foundations of providing excellent care.

We invite you to journey together.

Revise – feeling fatigued, persistent aches & pains, lacking energy, stressed out? Are you in or out of balance?

Second appointment – baseline testing – we will take you through a series of assessments and tests to revise where you are right now – inside and out. Let’s open new avenues to explore.

We work from a science base to build a comprehensive view on the status of your health and well-being from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Our baselines and outcomes are measurable, progress is tracked.

It all starts with a hands-on exploration, we have heard your story and now we need to understand your story as your body tells it.

From this, we begin to understand what is needed to bring you back in to balance.

Balance – our unique, tailored program will incorporate therapies that work with you and for you. Let’s enhance your body’s natural healing powers.

Third consultation – your bespoke program. With an extensive skill mix to draw up we provide many services in-house however if we don’t have what you need then this does not mean your progress stops, we simply source and/or draw upon the many experts in the field and combine forces to work for you.

We look at the physiological, the biomechanical,  gut health, the energetic, we work from convention to the truly unconventional, east meets west and anything in-between but all with you at the centre. We are certainly not the norm and believe that exceptional people should receive exceptional treatments.

Optimise – Empowered by all knowledge and the knowhow gained from participating in your bespoke lfstyl program, it is time to optimise as your next journey begins.

Final consultation & plan for follow-up

In order to ensure effective delivery of the Lfstyl service we operate as more than a consultancy providing excellent care both in-house and in close collaboration with other leading experts.

We manage your health and wellbeing account, we assess, we plan, we treat, we coordinate, we collaborate, we report, we take care of (your wellness) business  and we get results.

Please refer to ‘our services’ and ‘our programs’ to understand the range of services on offer.