Amberin – Osteopath

“At the peak of my international sporting career I was lucky enough to have been treated by Amberin. She always knew how to relieve the high physical stresses on my body and often my mind too in competition and training. I couldn’t have asked for a better osteopath.”
Kirsten Lawton – Olympic Gymnast.

“Amberin is fantastic.
I have had a number of basic strains and stresses as well as a few serious problems throughout my competitive career to different areas of my body, and each time, when I felt that there was little hope of full recovery, Amberin has been able to help me.
Her knowledge is phenomenal and rather than the usual “just rest the area” feedback some professionals give you, Amberin is able to analyse the sport and the individuals needs directly. She is able, not only to figure out the Biomechanics of the problem, but to effectively treat the problem immediately and give positive long term solutions.
I have a lot to thank Amberin for over my gymnastics career, helping out my minor niggles and also bringing me back to fitness from some major worries. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially those in a sporting capacity as she really understands the mentality of an athlete as well as their physical demands.”

Matt Swaffer
GB Gymnast DMT

“I have on many occasions had the pleasure of working with Amberin during both competition and squad events and have enjoyed her skills and
Amberin has become a good friend to my gymnasts and
supported Gary Smith during his preparation for the Athens Olympics in 2004.
I have no hesitation in recommending her to any Athlete serious about
their sport.”
Martin Laws –
National Technical Chair (Trampoline) British Gymnastics

“Treatment has enabled me to continue to live an active lifestyle whilst improving my condition. I couldn’t recommend Amberin enough!”
L. Luckett – Marketer

Harry – Personal Training

“Harry has also become the personal trainer du-jour for Quintessentially; a global private members luxury lifestyle company where he takes care of many of their top Elite members both in London and internationally. Due to the nature of his clientele Harry is very familiar with the expectations of the high
end client and adheres strictly to the highest standards of practice, professionalism and discretion. http://members.quintessentially.com/newsletters/2011-01-10/article/24621
On a more personal level it is Harry’s love and passion for exercise that drives him on a daily basis to improve both on a professional capacity as well as in his own health and fitness.
Harry most certainly adopts a “practice what you preach” philosophy in terms of his personal fitness and is a keen sportsman, taking particular interest in football, boxing, mixed martial arts and golf in addition to 6 weekly gym sessions. It is Harrys passion for sport that ultimately lead him to his role of sports specific strength and conditioning training”