The Team

Here at Lfstyl we hold a collective of leaders in their fields all with one common goal of maximising the potential of each of our patients by working as a collective. Through a 25 year history in the field of Osteopathy and as an Allied Health Professional. Amberin Fur founder director of Lfstyl has gained a deep understanding of the balance between allopathic and conservative medical care and the more eclectic complementary and alternative treatments available. The understanding, experience and implementation of choosing specific elements which are to underpin health optimisation has been the benchmark on creating a unique offering. The collective group of experts on staff and consulting have been handpicked to treat upstream, looking at the potential of the body from a cellular level, to help boost immunity and create a solid foundation on which health can only be optimised.

Amberin Fur – Founder / Director

BSc Hons Ost, DO, DIP WHO (MIH), LFHom

Amberin Fur has been involved in Lifestyle Medicine primarily through her passion and training over her 25 year osteopathic career.  In her quest for helping and serving her patients she established a multidisciplinary clinic 20 years back, bringing together a variety of approaches with the aim to support her patients and work cohesively through to health.  She has since opened another clinic in Mayfair, Central London focusing on providing a premium service and collaborating with experts to deliver a 360 approach to the health of her clients.  Through her experiences, she has found certain factors to be crucial in the care of each individual to underpin the changes needed for optimum health, and to reestablish the body’s efficiency.  She relies on quality laboratory testing using functional medicine methodology, good nutritional support and incorporates new developing technology to help support the patient in a more well-rounded way inclusive of their lifestyles.

Her approach to Lifestyle medicine, is a combination of ‘humanware and hardware’.  The abundant data available is drawn upon and used in context to the patient’s lifestyle, presenting symptoms, and genetic predisposition.  This can be as extensive or minimal as required.  The aim is to draw on areas which need support to restore balance in the body and mind and allow for optimum health.  Amberin trained as an osteopath in 1993 at the now University College of Osteopathy, where she went on to teach technique for many years.  She is widely considered a leader in her field.  She currently acts as Vice-Chair on the Osteopathic Alliance (OA). The OA is a collection of the country’s post graduate osteopathic institutions aimed to advise on the policies and direction of the future of osteopathy.  Amberin’s experience has been varied; it has been shaped in elite sport (London 2012 Olympic Games, British Gymnastics Medical Team), performing arts (Cirque du Soleil, The 7 fingers), strengthened by her commitment to further training and post graduate courses.  She has studied under leaders in the fields and has incorporated medical acupuncture, medical homeopathy, and functional medicine.  Further honing her skills to compliment her practice of Lifestyle medicine.

Amberin has created successful clinics both in London and Internationally treating newborns to nobility.  She currently holds her clinic in Mayfair the heart of London. Through the years Amberin has been described as ‘more’ than an Osteopath but she holds true that Osteopathy is at the core of Lifestyle Medicine.  Her patients best describe her treatments as embarking on a journey.

This journey is held together by different specialists, and therapies both conventional and unconventional bespoke created to understand our body, mind and soul, and potentiate our body’s ability to heal, repair, and strengthen from a cellular level.

Nadia Hristova

MSc, BSc (Hons), CNT, QEEGA

Nadia is a cognitive neuroscientist and neuropsychologist working in the field of applied neuroscience and therapeutics since 2005. Equipped with knowledge and experience from various prestigious clinical, and research settings in Germany and in the UK, in 2016 Nadia moved to the independent brain-wellness sector. and founded the Bright Brain Centre – a successful Harley Street- stress relief and peak performance clinic.

Nadia’s unique approach combining peripheral biofeedback and neurofeedback training, and EEG-guided non-invasive brain stimulation, her expertise, care and commitment have since brightened many brains and changed many lives for better.

As an active member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), the International Society for Neurofeedback Research (ISNR), the International Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) and of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) and the European Federation of Neuroscience Societies (FENS), Nadia is up-to-date with the newest developments in the field of applied neuroscience and therapeutics, which she implements/incorporates into her personalised neuro-programmes.

Nadia is a certified neurofeedback therapist and lecturer for the European Institute of Applied Neuroscience and IFEN- Germany.

With a shared vision of preventative health using new and innovative approaches Nadia has joined the LFSTYL team to create a bespoke approach of understand the person, their inner workings and integrate that with the physical, physiological and psychosocial aspects which make up us all.

Tess Strom


Tess started collaborating with Amberin Fur & Associates in 2019 bringing 7 years of experience in Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.  She qualified in Nutritional Therapy from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and continues to further her Functional Medicine training with the Institute for Functional Medicine.  She has lectured at College for Naturopathic Medicine (Juicing for Health and Natural Chef) and has run exclusive health retreats both in the UK and abroad.

Having worked in financial services for many years, Tess can relate to clients experiencing the detrimental effect that stressful and long working hours, strict deadlines, corporate entertainment, surviving on very little sleep and plenty of caffeine can have on our bodies.  After having experienced exhaustion with weight gain and an autoimmune condition as a result, Tess was inspired to use nutritional therapy to turn her health around.

Tess’s approach is focused on getting to the bottom of her clients’ health concerns by investigating potential root causes.  Being a Nutritionist, Tess does of course review her clients’ diets however, using the principles of Functional Medicine she uses systems biology to understand and identify how core imbalances in specific biological systems can manifest in other parts of the body.  This holistic approach merry well with her colleagues at Lfstyl to dig deeper into specific physiological processes that can be implicated in ill health including: nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, structural integrity, cellular defence and repair, energy production and biotransformation among others. The findings allow Tess and the team to create tailored programmes to address the root causes of the disease or dysfunction in each individual client.

Tess’s role at Lfstyl is to support clients both physically and mentally throughout their health journey.  Her three-month program provides not only the structure and information needed to optimise a change, but the consistent weekly support to journey the patient towards that goal.

Tess fully believes that optimal nutrition together with the Lfstyl team of other specialists enables the body to reach optimal health in the quickest and most efficient way.

Kulsoom Mahboubi

Kulsoom Mahboubi has been working in the Health and Wellness industry as a practice manageress for the past 13years.  She was instrumental in establishing Amberin Fur’s first practice managing a team of over 25 practitioners and has been invaluable in the smooth operation of the Mayfair practice at Amberin Fur & Associates. She has worked closely with clinicians and patients alike. Her duty of care to each patient ensures and underpins the practice and all the practitioners she supports.  It is with her hardworking nature, passion and understanding of the therapies, services and practitioners that she brings together and heads a strong team. She is a professional and calm force to support the patients during their pathway with AF&A.  If you have any feedback or queries that you need an extra hand for please feel free to email her at