Osteopaths are trained as Primary Healthcare Practitioners and are often a first point of call for patients in pain.

Osteopaths are noted to be an integral part of rehabilitative care. As the first complimentary medicine to obtain government recognition, osteopaths are governed and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council.

Osteopathy is the diagnosis and treatment of the body in its entirety. Particularly looking a the integration of the different systems of the body and their expression of health. Our extensive medical training in both anatomy and physiology allows the whole body (muscles, joints, ligaments, viscera, fascia, arterial and venous systems, etc) to be addressed thus promoting optimal function throughout.

As osteopaths are trained to treat holistically, the site of pain is considered in the context of the individual. Our osteopath will take a detailed case history, including past history as well as the reason you are seeking help now. We will put your present problem into the context of your health and life to this point.

Having taken a history, the osteopath will advise you of your therapy plan before treatment. Examinations are based on orthopaedic and neurological tests as well as tests of movement and strength which give an indication to the structures involved.  As needed we may request for laboratory test to evaluate function of the internal physiology, such as stool tests, blood work, urine samples, saliva tests.  We may also feel it necessary to refer you to have an Xray or MRI.  The laboratory examinations will be only used as clinically indicated and used in relation to your treatment.  Please note, that this will be done by established external clinics and laboratories at an added cost.

Treatment may involve gentle articulation movements, soft tissue manipulation and/or gentle cranial osteopathic techniques. Patients may then be given further advice on posture, prevention and exercises. All techniques are chosen for each patients individual needs, allowing for the most effective treatment for that individual.