Amberin Fur

“Amberin Fur is the kind of all-knowing healer you want to pull up a chair beside and spill your secrets to. She is that good a listener.  A revered Osteopath with a quarter century of experience, Fur is highly observant and seriously intuitive.  The first time she met one of the Goop staffers after a few pleasantries, she cocked her head, inquired whether the staffer always lurched to the side like that, and started to work her magic. Fur endorses a 360 degree approach to well-being, one where the patient’s mental state and emotional baggage are treated as thoughtfully as the physical aches and pains. As far as we are concerned, there is no better osteopath in London.”

As a fitness professional operating at the elite level for over 12 years in central London, I am yet to be treated by better, or more effective practitioner.   Having referred countless clients across to Amberin and her team, I can’t say anything more than we have 100% rate of client satisfaction.’
Harry Jameson BSc….. Exclusive personal trainer for Esquire UK. Founding
Director The Jameson Retreat

“Amberin Fur is the most intuitive person I have ever met. She heals both the body and
the mind and you’ll leave her treatment session feeling immediately better and those results last for weeks afterwards. You’ll find yourself wondering what you did and  how you coped before working with her. Simply put: she’s got the magic touch.’
Bridget Arsenault- Journalist

“I realised I was in the special hands of someone who has access to enormous
knowledge and experience and Amberin has indeed made a medical, tangible difference to chronic body issues. I had not been able to solve these problems no matter how many and various therapies I tried- but Amberin has  a talent to intuit and create a feeling of safety so that the opening process is  swift and to my delight, permanent! ‘
Marianna – Director Holistic Retreats

“At the peak of my international sporting career I was lucky enough to have been treated by Amberin. She always knew how to relieve the high physical stresses on my body and often my mind too in competition and training. I couldn’t have asked for a better osteopath.”
Kirsten Lawton – Olympic Gymnast.

“Amberin is fantastic.   I have had a number of basic strains and stresses as well as a few serious problems throughout my competitive career to different areas of my body, and each time, when I felt that there was little hope of full recovery, Amberin has been able to help me.

Her knowledge is phenomenal and rather than the usual “just rest the area” feedback some professionals give you, Amberin is able to analyse the sport and the individuals needs directly. She is able, not only to figure out the Biomechanics of the problem, but to effectively treat the problem immediately and give positive long term solutions.

I have a lot to thank Amberin for over my gymnastics career, helping out my minor niggles and also bringing me back to fitness from some major worries. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially those in a sporting capacity as she really understands the mentality of an athlete as well as their physical demands.”
Matt Swaffer- Great Britain Gymnast DMT

Nadia Hristova

I wish everyone could experience the life changing, brain altering benefits that Nadia delivers with such care and compassion at her Bright Brain Centre. Over the years I have tried almost everything to tackle anxiety, depression and sleep issues. A lot of things took much time and effort and made matters worse and nothing had immediate, long lasting results with absolutely no side effects. I went from not being able to eat or sleep to leaving my first session feeling hungry and that was just the beginning. After each and every session there was a marked improvement and these improvements have lasted post treatment. Over the weeks of treatment my brain has been taught to self regulate and instead of being stuck in unhealthy patterns it is now freed from stress, anxiety and depression to do what it does best. Me and my family are beyond grateful, thank you Nadia.
Francyne, London

“A few years ago, I was diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I had had several incidents throughout my life which contributed to my condition. I tried other treatments; some which did more harm than good, and others which helped but were very distressing. I then heard about ‘Neurofeedback.’  I spoke to my consultant psychiatrist (a very eminent professor and expert in PTSD) who endorsed the treatment. I was then lucky enough to find Nadia Hristova, and what a find it was! When we first started the feedback sessions, Nadia conducted an initial brain scan which showed that my brain deviated significantly from the norm, due to PTSD. We started treatment, gently helping my brain and body to learn to relax, and after 9 sessions, another brain scan was carried out, which showed a marked improvement from the first scan. My brain was responding positively to the treatment.  I continued the sessions and have improved enormously.

Prior to starting the sessions, I reacted very inappropriately to stressful situations.  If I heard a noise at night, I would have to check the whole house and garden to ensure that there was nothing there. I was unable to sit with my back to the door in a restaurant. I had to sit in the back row of a cinema, as I didn’t trust anyone sitting behind me.   I used to have the most terrifying nightmares.  These are just a few of the symptoms I was experiencing.  Now, all these symptoms have diminished or vanished since receiving neurofeedback.

I am eternally grateful to Nadia, who is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.  She is a very kind, competent and knowledgeable therapist, and is wholly committed to healing people.

She is a very special lady, and I am forever thankful that she has helped to change my life for the better!”
C. retired police officer

“Nadia and the work she does has changed the lives of our entire family for better. We came to Nadia with one child who was dyslexic and another who had anxiety. After treatment with Nadia, they are both doing exceptionally well. We have tried many, many treatments in the past to help our boys but none has worked as beautifully as the neurofeedback. Nadia, as a practitioner, is caring, intuitive and extremely clever. The treatment she offers in her Bright Brain Centre is cutting edge and has a huge potential to help a wide range of people. I wholeheartedly would recommend this treatment and especially Nadia!! ”
Julie M. London

 would highly recommend Nadia and the work she does. I started working with her to address an issue I had with overthinking, worrying and anxiousness which I have always felt held me back from achieving what I am capable of. The experience of working with Nadia was very enjoyable. I learnt a huge about my brain and neuroscience. The most important thing is that she has got rid of all of my symptoms. I can’t explain how much of a relief it is to have got rid of them. I have tried so many different approaches in the past but Nadia has been the only one to have succeeded. I will be forever grateful for the work that she has done and I’d highly recommend you have an exploratory sessions to see what might be achieved”
Ruth, London

Laura Sierra

“I suffered from really bad headaches that were causing me to miss days off work. I saw a neurologist who ran tests and could find nothing wrong. To be in such pain and not know why or what was causing them was very distressing. I was referred to Laura by a friend, and therefore I had high hopes that she could help me. Following her assessment of me, it was incredibly reassuring for her to explain to me why I was experiencing these headaches. Everything she said made so much sense. Her treatment has proven to be very effective, not only has she reduced my pain levels, she’s equipped me with methods to help prevent the headaches from starting in the first place. Laura is a very experienced and talented practitioner, who quickly put me at ease at the beginning of our sessions. I strongly recommend her to anybody wondering whether or not to book an appointment.”

I was in a lot of pain and had very little movement in my foot following surgery – this coupled with a prolapsed disc made walking very painful; after only a few sessions with Laura I am now able to move much more freely and am in considerably less pain; both my back and foot are well on the road to recovery.

“Laura has fabulous hands. I have been seeing her for the last 18 months and she has done an amazing job at restoring my health. She is also very considerate and respectful.”

“Both Laura and Amberin are amazing. I would go as far as saying that they have magical powers. I have been to both of them for various sporting related issues and can honestly say that I am always shocked by the power of their work. One time that I saw Laura, I had been suffering with some odd pain in my obliques – this pain had been there for weeks and whilst it was not totally debilitating it was very uncomfortable at night and I could not turn over in bed very easily – Laura did some very small manipulation work just with her fingers and the next day it had completely disappeared. I had a similar experience after a long bike ride which resulted in my torso being a bit twisted which ended up with my having swollen ankles (!!) Laura again did some work and within a week it had all calmed down. They are both worth every penny”

Tess Strom

Hormonal Imbalance

“When I came to see Tess I was at the end of my tether.  I had suffered from severe Premenstrual Depression for over 25 years and nearing my premenopausal years, I had also started to gain weight and my energy was really low.  During my time working with Tess I literally went from being suicidal and unable to function for several days each month to hardly even shedding a tear during those days.  I have lost weight, have much more energy and literally feel like a new person.  I cannot thank you enough Tess!”
Stella, London

Weight Loss

“Huge thanks to Tess who helped and guided me through my weight loss journey. I am a completely different person now from when I started seeing her.  I feel so comfortable with my body and my new habits that I almost cant believe it! My journey was a bit emotional too as I realised that I was eating when stressed or anxious and I was eating the wrong foods which caused me digestive issues. These issues were making me slower, tired, affected my skin, and with the unhealthy choices it all became a vicious circle. Tess was there all along, I never felt judged, she guided me through difficult times and I really appreciated that each time we met, I would come out really motivated to keep going. I lost over 5kg in the process of getting healthier.  Tess has given me the tools and knowledge to make the right choices and continue to maintain and improve my health. I could not be happier!!”
Andrea, London

“I saw Tess for about 6 months and she’s been transformational to my life and wellbeing. It wasn’t just about the changes in what I ate but also her holistic approach to my lifestyle, such as exercise and general happiness through work, family and relationship. Not only I lost a stone but also gained in confidence, calmness and wellbeing. Since I stopped seeing her I have continued to follow her guidance and I never looked back. I couldn’t recommend Tess more – she didn’t give me a diet but a life changing program with lasting results.”
​Francesca, London

“With Tess’s guidance, I reached my goal of losing a stone in post pregnancy weight. Her knowledge and clever creative food suggestions coupled with her firm but fair style and ability to consider my lifestyle and adjust the programme accordingly, made the weight loss journey so much easier.  When it comes to falling off the wagon she gives clear guidance on how and when that is acceptable and how to do it without losing control. There is not much Tess does not know about health, nutrition and well-being.  She is fascinating to listen to and some of the information she shared I am sure I will carry with me for a long time to come.  Highly recommended!”
​Sam, London

Surgery Recovery

“I am truly grateful for the help you have given me getting me fit and well again following my hip surgery.  I am truly my old self again – and it’s a joy to be able to do a full day’s work without flagging.  I feel have learnt so much with your help And this will always be with me.  THANK YOU!”
Christine, Birmingham

Hormonal Imbalance and Pregnancy

“I just wanted to share some news with you. I am still doing your diet, almost two years after we first started. It just feels like my way of eating and not like a diet anymore. I’m completely used to it. It has had massive health benefits and I have felt so well and healthy since doing it. And the most surprising thing of all is that I am pregnant! After more than 11 years and the doctors given up any hope it would ever happen. We obviously don’t know how it happened but I feel a big part of it was my diet as we were working on regulating my hormones. So a big thank you for everything you did for me. We are continuing to see the benefits.”
HV, London