Biomarker Testing

Biomarker Testing – Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing. (NIDT)

Biomarker Testing, Non-Invasive Diagnostic test, allows us to gain insight of the inner state of your physiology. It provides us with a snapshot of your current overall wellbeing which then enables us to see where your body is functioning well and where changes can be made to improve you overall wellbeing. From here we can provide a more tailored approach to getting your body back on track by bringing together different disciplines depending on your needs. This may be a Nutritional specialist, Osteopathic bodywork, Movement Specialist or Personal trainer to name just a few.

The initial assessment consist of a series of quick non-invasive diagnostics tests that provide important information on several biomarkers allowing us to analyse stress function, body composition including bone and muscle and Low grade Inflammation. We review this alongside information you provide about all aspects of your history and current health, and work together to bring about positive and sustainable changes for you and your lifestyle.

We also utilise functional testing which looks at how the body is working within many different body systems  such as the gut, liver, immune system and communication between hormones and brain neurotransmitters on a biological level.  Testing can give clarity to whether or not these systems are operating optimally to carry out functions needed by our bodies.  It can be essential to get to underlying causes of chronic symptoms, and complicated health complaints. Testing can be done in a variety of methods such as stool samples, blood and urine.